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What kind of light bulbs are most common in your home?

CFL or Fluorescent

Are your appliances ENERGY STAR® certified?


Do you feel drafts in your home?

Very Much
I don't know

Does your home have air conditioning?

Central A/C, less than 10 years old
Central A/C, older than 10 years
Window Unit/Portable A/C - ENERGY STAR® certified
Window Unit/Portable A/C - Not ENERGY STAR® certified
I don't know

What is the primary heating system in your home?

Electric Baseboard Heater
Heat Pump, older than 10 years
Heat Pump, less than 10 years old
Gas Boiler or Furnace, older than 10 years
Gas Boiler or Furnace, less than 10 years old
Electric Furnace
I don't know

What kind of thermostat do you use?

Programmable (hardwired or wireless)
I don't know

What kind of water heater is in your home?

Storage/Tank, older than 7 years
Storage/Tank, less than 7 years old, ENERGY STAR® certified
Storage/Tank, less than 7 years old, not ENERGY STAR® certified
Heat Pump Water Heater
I don't know

Which one is most like your main refrigerator?

Older than 10 years
Less than 10 years, not ENERGY STAR® certified
Less than 10 years, ENERGY STAR® certified
Your Selections

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